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There is an effect known as stacking that multistory homes must deal with. When the layers between the different levels of the home are not insulated, then the denser cold air pushes the warm air out through the upper levels. The home loses heat out of the attic, which explains why the attic is so warm and the basement is so cold. Those trying to heat or cool their homes could be losing a lot of energy because their home is not properly insulated.

Insulation is the key to making a heating and cooling system effective. The worst offending level of the home is the layer between the attic and the top floor. This is where the most heat is lost, and it is the one that needs to be insulate the most. One way to fix the problem is to simply keep the attic closed as often as possible and ensure that there is a layer of insulation between the two levels.

For attics that are in use, that may be a lot more difficult. It can help to put a door on the attic and insulate around that door and other openings. A heating and cooling specialist can provide more in-depth advice based on an assessment of the home.

For those who have an AC unit, calling for an air conditioning Myrtle Beach service may be a waste of energy until the levels of the home are properly insulated. Until they are, then a running AC unit must work extra hard and will not be as effective as it should be. Proper insulation allows the unit to only need to cool a single level instead of the whole house.

The basement could become extremely cold if it is not properly insulated and an AC unit is running upstairs. That’s why the basement needs to be taken into consideration before calling for a service like air conditioning myrtle beach. Installing an AC unit above the basement could supercool the basement and make it inhospitable. This is less of a problem if no one uses the basement, but it will still be taking air from the AC unit and wasting energy that doesn’t have to be wasted.